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Inspirational Magazine


10dence projects recently decided to get into full sponsoring of Inspirational Magazine and we therefore support the activities largely.
Inspirational Magazine - celebrates its 5 year lustrum within the international artworld in 2019 - 30 issues of Inspirational Magazine have been published and over 300 artists and creative involved individuals have been interviewed or otherwise presented by the editor John Hopper, within this incredible magazine in its mission to support the visual arts and artists from all around the world, across a wide range of disciplines.
Every month again, Inspirational magazine delivers an inspiring slice of the international contemporary art scene. Providing the working artists a professional and promotional platform without restrictions.
Inspirational Magazine - the international contemporary art magazine that supports visual art and the working artist.
Support Inspirational Magazine - stay informed and get a subscription. It's pretty simple to get your own monthly copy of Inspirational Magazine. Just follow the link: https://payhip.com/b/MNp6

Inspirational Magazine #28 presented a long interview on the activities of 10dence gallery & projects.