Felicity Griffin Clark - Italy

Felicity Griffin Clark - Italy - Sibilla, Dea, Regina


The piece references and responds to ancient beliefs around the female sacred, prophecy, necromancy and burial rituals of the Etruscans, Romans, and Greeks. The various elements are inspired by symbols and rites of ancient burials: eggs, bones, cloth, gold. Materials: plastic skull, paint, ink, pigment powder, textiles, found objects. Crown made of twisted willow gathered on the shore of Lago di Bracciano, near Rome, the weekend before the first coronavirus lockdown in 2020. Silk laurel leaves are entwined around the willow: the laurel is an ancient symbol of immortality, victory, and prosperity. The burial wrappings are made of vintage linen, torn into strips, wrapped around rusted metal, interspersed with bones, feathers, horsehair and other objects and left to weather over the Roman winter of 2020/21, between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox. In the front of the piece a poem is written on silk and wrapped around a golden bone. It is an offering, a prophecy, and a warning.


Felicity Griffin Clark is an Australian artist, writer and curator currently based in Rome. Until December 2020, she was the co-director of Counterweave Arts in Rome and curated several international exhibitions including Art Under Lockdown 2020 and Counterweave Arts’ exhibitions for Rome Art Week - Echoes of Land and Sea (2018) and Aspects of the Goddess (2019). Felicity’s art practice is built on experimenting and extending a range of traditional techniques and not-so-traditional materials. She uses silk, wool, alpaca and linen, mulberry bark, synthetics, paper, metals and found objects to convey colours, textures, and meanings in unconventional ways. She is especially interested in exploring emotions such as grief, trauma, and stigma:  jealousy, loss, and the scarification of physical suffering often feature in her work. Felicity has exhibited widely in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, the UK, and the USA.  She won the inaugural Buda Textile Award in 2008. Her three-dimensional work siliqua lucti was commissioned for Seth Apter’s book The Mixed Media Artist: Art Tips, Tricks, Secrets and Dreams from Over 40 Amazing Artists. Member of The Society for Embroidered Work, the European Textile Network, and the Fibre Art Network.


Felicity Griffin Clark - Sibilla, Dea, Regina - mixed media - 25x25x32 



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