Art/X/Toyama 2022 - Japan

For my invitation to participate within the Art/X/Toyama 2022  - 9th Toyama International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Uozu-City in Japan, I submitted the installation - James Ensor Afterparty - total size 360x275 cm - 2022 - a part of the Revival of the Fittest installation. An homage as well as a reflection on the colorful, fancy, strange, carnivalesque, masks, puppetry, skeletons, and fantastic allegories that are dominant in Ensor's mature work. Relaunching his work into the 21st century as a sobered and grey reflection on the current times we are living, plagued with pandemics, global warming, greed, crime, wars, terrorism, child abuse and more. The Art/X/Toyama 2022 exhibition, took place from April 30, 2022 till May 8, 2022 at Shingawa Cultural Hall - 〒937-0853 - Toyama Prefecture 110 宮津 Uozu-City in Japan.