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Flamma Art Studio

From december 2015 on, 10dence gallery will present a small collection of Art Flamma ceramics. With positive stance, creative atmosphere, fire and energy we make unique and usefull ceramics, which with a touch of genuine pleasure unselfishly serve people.

Eva Berce and David Almajer work out of there ceramic workshop at the Layer house located in center of Kranj in Slovenia. Fired art is our passion. Shaping and firing the clay represent a complete circle of life, joining basic elements known to traditional cultures: earth, air, fire and water. It’s shaped by hands, however its fundamental strenght is then added by fire.Epic of Gilgamesh as well as the Bilble, two great myths of Creation of the world, tell the story of God, who out of clay created man. When in the ancient days man took into his hands a ball of clay and simply started shaping it into forms, he discovered the path of creatvity. By burning the clay on fire he gave it its strenght and durability. That’s when man became a creator, the Creator of his universe.