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Tina Morris - UK

Tina Morris – UK - My Favorite Things


I thought the best way to pimp my skull was to transform it with all my favorite things. Frida Kahlo, my muse and yellow my favorite color. All things with a sparkle.

I work with a large variety of media including oil, acrylic, watercolor, enamel, collage and in general therefore in mixed media. I often work with a limited palette and the scale varies enormously. Smaller sketches may be a starting point for a larger finished work and be an end by itself. I will often use the work to explore the emotional resonance of colors, the effects achieved through dripping, dragging, layering, and glazing and how the thickness, dilution, opacity, or translucence of the applied paint impacts on the end result. The starting place for a piece may be a word, a phrase, a color, or combination that reflects my mood and concern at that particular time. It can also involve the deliberate development of techniques and experimentation. However, my underlying aim is always to communicate and express emotions it can be hard to articulate and express in other forms. I avoid figurative references in my work in order to leave space for the viewer to project their own subconscious associations which may be different from those which went into the painting. Painting takes on a life of its own when viewed by others. Whilst some work is spontaneous and finished quickly other pieces can take weeks or months to complete because they are built of layer after layer of grounds, washes, coats of paint and glazes with intermediate stages sometimes being scraped, distressed, and even completely obscured by overpainting.


Tina Morris – My Favorite Things – mixed media - 31x21x17 cm

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