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Tanja Tanevska - North Macedonia

Tanja Tanevska – North Macedonia - Wine Pandemic

The pandemic Covid-19… Thoughts. On the other side of it there could be wisdom. The challenge is to find the elixir of life. The hedonistic enjoyment helped by a good glass of wine, champagne… It spreads the love of living. A vaccine against the sadness in the world. Rational. Nowhere is delightful to go. We are here and now!

Artists who were created as knights of eternity became a necessity. They were humble to sublimity because only thus they could remind the time that there is no beginning and ending, but only perfection. Real art is always perfect. The works of art you see reflect this magic which flawlessly chooses its media. Tanja has shown that she is worthy to convey beauty with impeccable simplicity; perfection can be nothing less than simply beautiful.

Tanja participated in over 300 group exhibitions in Macedonia as well as abroad. She also participated in a large amount of international art symposia.



Tanja Tanevska - Wine Pandemic – mixed media - 30x24x19 cm

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