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Ron Weijers - NL

Ron Weijers – the Netherlands - mutation and transformation


Weijers, is one of a generation of artists, tackling a large variety of subjects and addressing the significant shifts in paradigms of existence that the collide of culture, nature and technology brings forward. As a basic concept, his work is centered around alteration modes like mutation and transformation and based on perception, expectations, and experiences. His work could be described as a juxtaposition of complexity and simplicity. His work investigates into timeless questions like how movements towards hybridization can free us from the tyranny of anthropocentricism and assist in the development of a brighter future. Weijers explores the ideas of transformation and contradiction. The process of making the work is fundamental to developing a visual language through which he can communicate the feeling of experience to the viewer. His works define and redefine the meanings of process and transformation. Bringing elements of chaos and dissonance into a state of harmony, each work matures into a fully realized presence, with as much intrinsic relevance in today’s world as in the future. As an artist he is constantly searching for diversification to express himself. This search has not only enabled him to create artworks that are unique and relevant to modern trends, but also enhanced his aspiration of being innovative and resourceful, by creating imaginative, thought-provoking pieces.

During the process of making his works, he de-structs, de-activates, re-constructs and re-activates his materials and handles his work to that of building a relationship: a series of attempts at intimacy with the work, of fallen expectations, of failures and finally, of surrender. It is in the suspended spaces between the swaying of depicted figuration and abstraction, that these worlds take shape. His work acts as a rhythm of color, of possibility, of realization and as a sorting structure through which he generates harmonies within the chaos around him. He translates his creativity and visions into multi-layered works of art that reflect a characteristic abstract language of signs and shapes. Within his works he intends to reveal a deeper meaning and reflects his views on contemporary issues. By reaching a state of liberation from existing patterns, the interplay of lines is dominated by the metamorphosis which conceals the evaluation of the work from the source. He tends to stimulate the spectator's fantasy and awareness by the intuitive and specific combination of color and shape, thus seducing the spectator towards an alternative view on this world. For the above reasons, he reached a high level of satisfaction with his processes and the techniques involved.


Many people associate environmentalism with gloom-and-doom predictions about the planet. While climate change is a serious issue, many artists and other creative individuals are also working on smaller scale green projects that both effect the environment and cause change by sparking discussion and reflection. While the actual direct impact of any given artwork or design may be small the cumulative result of their efforts is palpable and grows bigger with each creative and sustainable design or art project. Mutation & transformation as a concept, is an obvious commentary on consumerism and waste, a theme that is not new. We have all heard that "one man's trash is another mans treasure". That saying takes on a new meaning when we view the world through the eyes of the artist. The essence at the heart of the ‘mutation & transformation’ series can just as easily cut both ways: Is trash turned into art still worthless? Does it become art because the artist deems it so? The ‘mutation & transformation’ concept could be described as a multi-dimensional transformation of perspective and forms of change with a particular relevance to post-modern culture manifesting as a form of deconstruction. Actualy this is something that could be said of all current expressions of art, where borrowing form and manipulating, is integral to the very concept. The ‘mutation & transformation’ works explore shape-shifting and shocking alteration, intended to provoke and to stimulate dialogue. It seems that everyday objects are transformed into recognisable, but uncomfortable abstracted and altered, versions of themselves.

Ron Weijers – mutation and transformation – mixed media - 32x27x23 cm


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