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Ron Shelton - USA

Ron Shelton - USA - Plastic Head


Ron Shelton, multi-media artist and curator/publisher at High Art Fridays (HAF), an online art magazine, uses the medium of art to bring attention to our society's social, cultural, and environmental platforms.  HAF features local, national, and international artists who share contemporary art aesthetics.  HAF is becoming a beacon for a worldwide ecological voice.   For the past two years, HAF has taken a close look at what artists are saying about the plastic epidemic and the toll it has taken on the environment.  Get out of your skull is a further exploration of this plastic phenomenon. Luckily, the skull is made of plastic, which makes my job on this project easier.  This skull is embellished with melted plastic medicine bottles and wire. HAF recently published a catalog: HAF Connects: the sustainable art of plastics, which featured artists worldwide.

Ron Shelton - Plastic Head - mixed media - 26x33x24


 For information and sales of this skull, please contact at: info@10dencegallery.com