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Ringo Mollinger - NL

Ringo Molllinger – the Netherlands - Conspiracies to the bone


By now we all know at least one giant conspiracy believer. Fond of quotes like: ‘think for yourself’, ‘do your own research’, ‘connect the dots’. If the various dots of proof don’t connect it’s only because your vison is blurred. Like a full body tattooed person trying to find the overall theme of the passionate story each single tattoo is telling. Shoot lots of hail and there will be hits. ‘Told you so’. What if the growing group of conspiracy thinkers are in fact conspirators themselves? The new world order disguised as a naïve group of lunatics slowly infiltrating our society, burning our brains. Take a look at the messages and (dis)connections tattooing the skull, and get in or out of it!


Ringo’s passion is creating (big) murals and mixed media artworks on canvas and paper, both commissioned and non-commissioned. Painting in public space as a street artist combined with working as a visual artist in his studio, is inspiring for both himself and the outside world. Besides creating art individually Ringo is an experienced creative workshop tutor. As a youngster he was part of the graffiti and street art scene, which triggered his love for typography and design. He applied for a study at the Willem de Kooning Academy and in 2010 left this Rotterdam art institute as a bachelor in graphic design. So Ringo is skilled to present digital visuals in advance and during an assignment or project, a feature that’s a big plus for most of his clients and colleagues. A small selection of Ringo’s clients: Municipality of The Hague, Saudi Aramco, Desperados, Converse and Audi.


Ringo Molllinger - Conspiracies to the bone - Mixed media - 27,5x23x17 cm


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