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Ralph Posset - NL

Ralph Posset – the Netherlands - War Inside My Head

Ralph Posset is a Dutch artist who is well-known in the Netherlands as De Volkskunstenaar (the peoples artist). He is a conceptual and performance artist. His absurdist and contrary performances make him loved and hated in the Dutch artworld. Posset always researches the borders of art. He likes to turnaround fixed patterns. Even if it means that it makes him an outsider. He rather sees the audience to dislike him and his works than be indifferent about it. Posset is interested in storytelling and absurdism. His works are raw-edged and have humor. There are hundreds of articles written about him (from local newspapers to the New York Times) and numerous of times he has been on Dutch national radio and television.


Ralph Posset - War Inside My Head – mixed media - 30x24x31 cm


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