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Petra Moll - Ireland

Petra Moll – Ireland - Full Circle

Life and death, death is part of live and the end of something is also the beginning of something new. Everyone of us and everything on earth will have to complete this circle. This is our determination and is the destiny of everything living. It will fall to dust and turn into new soil to provide nourishment for beautiful new life to grow again.

Originally from Germany, living and working in Ireland since 1997. Has studied in the fields of visual arts and graphic design at the HAF (academy of Hamburg for distant learning). She has frequently participated and collaborated in various group exhibitions since 1990 throughout Europe. Her work has been acquired by private collectors around the world. Petra is a process-based painter where found or recycled materials are often her starting point. Combinations with texture and mixed media paints and pencils she turns those into new works. A number of different layers of textures and materials are often build up into objects, being worked at with layers of paints, pigments and pencils that are washed, sanded or scratched into to leave marks and shapes and giving her paintings a very organic feel and appearance.

Petra Moll - Full Circle – mixed media - 24x23x33


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