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Peter Hess - USA

Peter Hess - USA - Scrap skull


My skull is crafted in the fashion of my “ScrapWorks,” first exhibited in 2019 at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, California. ScrapWorks are representations of things of extraordinary intrinsic or perceived value created from studio scraps, glue, paint, etc. Essentially, stuff of great import made from castoffs of no particular value. The ScrapWorks are an extrapolation of my earlier paintings and prints called “WoodWorks.” They utilized wood and imagery of wood — once-living things which have been extinguished and pressed into a second life of utilitarian service.


Originally from the Netherlands, I’ve been in Los Angeles making art for many years.  Art has occupied me from my earliest recollection. As a youngster, I would travel to the public library, return with 10 art books, devour them, then return for 10 more. Though I never had any formal training, I educated myself through visits to museums and galleries, and, of course, by doing the work. I soon learned that every artist has to invent and reinvent painting for themselves. My work has been exhibited at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Coagula Curatorial, Long Beach Museum of Art, Autry/Southwest Museum, Avenue 50 Studio, Laguna Beach Museum of Art, Purdue University Galleries, Armory Center for the Arts and many other venues. It has been documented in numerous publications, including the Los Angeles Times, the Hammer Museum’s Graphite, Arts+Architecture, Poets and Artists, Full Blede, LA Weekly and Artweek.

 Peter Hess – Scrap skull – mixed media - 27x21x20


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