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Paul Lorenz - USA

Paul Lorenz – USA - Two Black Line

Work is my autobiography. Current work explores space and volume, line and geometry, past and present using photography and video as the means to establish image and composition. The pandemic quarantine has allowed me the time to examine images from sound projects, travel locations, studio records and an on-going self-portrait series and to let new ways of looking at the relationship of abstraction and representation emerge. Snippets of life, gesture, place, sex, and color are brought together to form visual scapes. For years I have pondered the notion of what is representation/reality and abstraction/truth. Is a photograph reality or truth? Is representation abstraction or reality? In an era of technology driven media, do boundaries blur, or do they simply stop existing? Architecture continues to be the most inspirational means to explore my visual, performance and sound work. The collection of digital images responds to my Bauhaus education at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, plus reflects my current life in Arizona, which is new and a bit disorienting. Art is a combination of experiences and current questions needing contemplation. As I review my photographs, the life that made them comes back to me, which affects my current state of mind and creativity. Memories push me forward to find the conclusions that the new works demand. A new life, in a new location, opens the door for fresh responses and outcomes. What the photographs capture is merely the beginning of the visual journey to what the digital collages become. Abstraction is not a style, but a state of mind...a balance of subtlety and boldness, confidence, and risk...the known, and that what needs to be found.

With an education in Bauhaus architecture, fine art, and music composition, Paul Lorenz has carved an intriguing niche in the international art world: bridging the immediacy of drawing, sound performance, music, and digital collage with the logic and detail of architecture. All media are a balance of physical structure (wood, canvas, paper, mylar); visual structure (brush strokes, scrapes, photographs, lines); and color, whether overt or atmospheric, allowing the creative process to be the final subject. Recent work in digital collage is a direct response to his recent relocation to Arizona. Thedaily need to create has made digital exploration a necessity. By pouring through a cache of photographs, decades in the making, new compositions and personal definitions are realized. The combination of imagery and geometry evoke architectural elevations and renderings, something that has always been the essence of Paul’s work, while also being personal reflections of life, location, and circumstance. Paul was born in Chicago but has lived and worked globally through personal moves and residency opportunities. After graduating from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, he went on to study oil painting at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the International School of Art in Italy (under Nicolas Carone and Irving Petlin) and the University of California, Berkeley. Paul recently completed his MFA in Music Composition from the Vermont College of Fine Arts in February 2019 Paul exhibits regularly with galleries in the USA and Europe. As a member of Pintura Fresca, an international group of abstract artists, he has exhibited worldwide, with past exhibitions in Australia, Singapore, Austria, England, and Sweden. Paul had his first solo exhibition in Europe in 2009 at Galerie Daniel Vignal in Toulouse, France, and was the only US resident artist to participate in the historic Realites Nouvelles exhibition in Paris in 2012 and 2013. While artist-in-residence at the Shangyuan Art Museum near Beijing in 2014, numerous paintings and music scores were created. His latest European exhibition was with the Accessible Art Fair in Brussels, Belgium in 2018. As a performance artist, Paul’s durational pieces, ‘untitled: LINE’ (2016) and ‘Linear Stream’ (2018), performed with his sound ensemble Perception Project, explored interior space and amplified/manipulated line drawing with graphite sticks, microphones, and live musicians. His 2019 solo exhibition at Modified Arts in Phoenix, Arizona, combined acoustic sounds of drawing and trumpet. Stay curious, distill ideas down to their essence, and push personal boundaries... always.


Paul Lorenz - Two Black Line – mixed media - 33x17x23 cm


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