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Naomi Middelmann - Switzerland


Naomi Middelmann - Switserland - meanderings of my incongruent mind


In this piece I drew places I have lived and imagined, landmarks that no longer exist, and places I dream of. These are the layers that comprise my memories and my identity. And yet I know that they are constructed and deconstructed, they are subjective, and many of them are not even mine. What we think we remember and know is a narrative we tell ourselves. The electrodes grow out of the skull like a plant. My interest in the ambiguity of perception and memory have led me to actively collaborate and design research projects with various leading neuroscientists at top universities. I recently won an artistic grant to work on this question through an artist in residency in Lausanne. The piece is made up of ink drawings on Japanese handmade paper as well as electrodes used for EEG caps. 

Working with a variety of mediums, such as found objects, transformed objects, installations, drawing, and painting, Naomi Middelmann explores the process in which we remember things and the subjectivity of those memories depending on context. Middelmann says: “I am interested in how we assemble and disassemble our memories depending on who we are talking to and the context in which we remember things. Remembering is not a process that gets us from point a to point z, but rather a process in which we imagine, we tell stories, we construct and deconstruct in order to make sense of who we are.” Her interest in the ambiguity of perception and in what we think we know, as well as in how artists can contribute to scientific study on perception and understanding the creative process  have led her to actively collaborate and design research projects with various leading neuroscientists at top universities.


Born in Switzerland, Middelmann moved to New York when she was 16. After earning a degree in Creative writing and International Relations from Johns Hopkins University (with a 4-year scholarship for Outstanding Academic achievement), she worked in publishing. She chose to return to Europe and earned a postgraduate degree in visual arts from the Visual Art School in Basel in 2009.


Since graduating from art school late 2009, her work and process has been shown in over 50 solo and group shows in galleries and art fairs in Europe, USA, and Switzerland. Her work is featured in public and major private collections in Switzerland, Europe, and the USA.

Naomi Middelmann - meanderings of my incongruent mind – mixed media - 30x30x26 cm


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