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Mirjam Boomert - NL

Mirjam Boomert – the Netherlands - Threads of thought

It is


time to

slow down

strip down


catch my heart

it’s falling

I’m falling


catch my drift

don’t get me


it was


my intention

to show

my insides



Starting from scratch, that is what you do with a new project, no preconceived ideas and let the subject sink in. A good starting point and a way to challenge yourself, as happened this time. Working from my studio in het harbor district I often use recycled materials, mostly textiles. By touching these fabrics, the ideas arise automatically. Touching the skull for the first time, it felt so cold, I wanted to make it feel more comfortable, so I covered the face with a cotton rag which I tore to little pieces. In the process of working on that, slowly the idea came up to open the skull and show the world my inner thoughts. I used cotton thread to wrap small objects and rusted metal wire I found on the little beach near my studio; they represent the thoughts that go on and on in my head and of which at some point I don’t even remember the original thoughts, let alone whether they are true… By connecting all the different elements, the unstoppable flow of thoughts gradually became visible.

Mirjam Boomert - Threads of thought - mixed media - 27x31x33


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