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Mia Andrésen - NL

Mia Andésen – the Netherlands - Fractuur 00121


I needed to demolish it, but I could not saw it with my hands because my wrists are to weak, then I froze it and put it under the wheels of a truck. The truck successfully ran over it. I did not want to decorate it, this is the way I make my fashion as well, a form of deconstruction.

Mia Andrésen (1968) has worked nationally and internationally with painting, drawing, sculpture, costumes, singing, song writing and theatre decor. She started in 1988 as an actress for the Dutch theatre productions, De paragmatici and De parade shows and worked for het Onafhankelijke toneel, leading towards acting for movie art-house productions for Nanouk Leopold, Ineke Smits and Norbert ter Hall (amongst others). From there on she made decors and costumes and has performed for several productions for Hotel Modern (NL), The Production House Victoria (BE) and Atelier van Lieshout (NL). She has acted, sung and written texts in Dutch, Swedish, Piolish, French, German, Russian and English. She had exhibitions at a wide range of established galleries and Festival.


In 2003 she started to deconstruct clothing from special objects and products and crossed the line between fashion design and art.  From this she started with performing with the materials she made, for Atelier van Lieshout (NL), Hotel Modern (NL), Production house Victoria (BE) amongst others.  She filmed her performances ‘You killed all of my dreams’ in 2016-2017 (SWE), the ‘Ain’t dead yet performance’ at The Hilton Art lab 2020 (NL) and the New Food performances where she arranges food to live music 2020 (NL). She always creates the costumes and plays with the moment of the show. 

Mia Andésen - Fractuur 00121 – mixed media - 33x33x33

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