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Madeleine Wories – USA

Madeleine Wories - USA - Mineral Metamorphosis 

Pondering the move from a world of warm change and decay to a world of cold permanence, she became receptive to the idea that the mineral world was a world of perfect, inanimate forms, with an unchanging mathematical order of crystals and molecules. And yet, crystals grow, reproduce, and evolve in order to survive their changing environment. Is death then not a transformation into new life?  

The gold cross, which intersects the front of the skull, also signifies acceptance of death, the crossroads symbolizing points of intersection between the paths of the living and the dead. It may be seen as a division of the world into four elements, or cardinal points.

Materials: Acrylic and gold leaf, with azurite, clear quartz, aqua aura quartz, magnetic hematite, pyrite, turquoise on plastic skull with wood base.

Madeleine Wories is a printmaker and painter of Dutch heritage. She was born in the Netherlands, raised in Costa Rica and Australia, studied and worked in Montreal, Canada, and now makes her home in Southern California.

Her abstracts evolve through an ongoing dialogue with the painting, acting and reacting to the process intuitively. In the spirit of abstract expressionism, through colour, shape, line, texture, marks, gesture and movement, she strives to find a balance between control and spontaneity where intention and unpredictability converge. The paintings start with loose ideas, which then evolve until they take on a life of their own. She is more interested in the emotional response to the painting with the aim to evoke rather than to depict. Rarely using traditional brushes, she prefers diverse tools: scrapers of varying sizes, squeegees, palette knives, rollers, and others. She works on paper, canvas and wood panels. She often draws inspiration from the environment: landforms, geology, textures, seas, skies, wind and weather, as well as from current events. Some abstracts, particularly those on paper, may also display a structural quality as a result of her architectural background. With a love for the ocean and of desolate wide open vistas, she also creates landscapes and seascapes which are most often inspired by her coastal location, by the remote desert locations of the American southwest, and by memories of Australia. In these semi-abstract interpretive paintings she endeavors to capture the essence and spirit of the scene, whether it be through light, through movement of water and wind, or through the rawness and tones of the earth.

Her work can be found in several corporate and institutional collections, as well as in private collections. Her work has been exhibited in the US, and internationally (Italy, Spain, Macedonia, Japan, Canada, Hungary, Australia, Denmark and Germany)


Madeleine Wories - Mineral Metamorphosis - Bone to Stone – mixed media - 24x22x19 cm






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