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Lon Buttstedt - NL

Lon Buttstedt – the Netherlands - Extinct


The skull is covered with pieces of recycled linen and embroidered with insects. My first memories of insects, date from the times I spend in the large plant nursery of my grandfather, insects were flying and crawling all around. Beside the many flowers, plants, trees and greenhouses on this domain, there was also a small building used for theory education of the staff. My attention was always drawn to the many rare and colorful insects pinned on the wall.  It would be unacceptable to do so now, no one could have imagined that so many insects would become extinct within one generation. Insects are the pillars of our ecosystem and 75% of the flying insects are already extinct. Looking through the eye-sockets of the skull you can see the names of a few of them. The connection between a human skull and insects is easily made: If we don’t stop biodiversity loss, we will face our own extinction.


Lon Buttstedt - Extinct – mixed media - 20x18x20


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