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Leonard Greco - USA

Leonard Greco – USA - the Eternal Cycle


My work has been an attempt to re-contextualize the artistic narratives of Western Christendom through a personal prism, employing personally meaningful symbolic language. This visual language, with its inherent theatricality, evokes the Baroque and frequently borders on camp in its visual excess. Camp, having been described as the lie that tells the truth, is an innate language I have been reticent to explore until recently. Perhaps internalized homophobia has left me hesitant to make work so openly flamboyant. Purposefully crafted with wit this work is first and foremost intended to visually delight and to be taken seriously.  In the case of The Eternal Cycle, the hermit’s contemplative skull, this memento mori is both my inspiration and my canvas.
I have focused upon the memento mori theme for this collaborative Get Out of Your Skull project.  The endless cycle of life and death inspires yet terrifies me, for in this cycle, new life always emerges, that is the natural order; yet for this cycle to be complete, I must die. My response to this dark truth is to happily dwell upon springtime, hermits, death maidens & holy fools; verdant details crammed onto every surface of the skull. My intention with the piece was to create an object of reflection, to be handled and meditated upon; a bauble for a Wunderkammer.

While this work might possess humorous camp sensibilities it is never ironic for, I find irony frequently cynical; my work is never cynical for any other reason than the inherent affection I hold for my motley crew of fools, saints, and sinners.

 Greco – USA - the Eternal Cycle - 30x16x21 - 1580 E



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