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Laslo Koscso - Hungary

Laslo Koscso – Hungary - subjectObject 0.0

But after all, Your Spirit Has Been Objectified In Your Creation. When the artwork is born and you have to let it go - already speaking about an aesthetic object - Well, let it be beautiful and That it is! The more language tools you need to decipher it, the better, because it is not a two-dimensional tattoo. The substance of the mind has been projected on it, which is not only the fluid of the spirit, but the soul as well. The Koscso Artwork has become a masterpiece from you, press your seal on it and let it fly! Let it address everyone!

Laslo Koscso, painter, graphic artist and writer. The philosophical approach is exciting, I discover a parallel with the skull project at the same time. Since the creation of the self-mask arises here as well, what should we display, what do we discard, that is, who am I, what am I willing to give up? What do I show others about myself, am I willing to get rid of social stereotypes, of expectation? Do I have my own created world? How open can I make it to others? Lots of questions, lots of dilemmas about the relationship between the world and me. To grasp all this in the language of visuality, avoiding narration, to make the language readable to others. I burned on a high flame while working, examining myself as an outside observer. I noticed that the graphic work for me was like writing to someone else, my thoughts were flowing, the pictorial formulation was fixed in its natural reality, it kept flowing. While drawing, my thoughts overcame me, I felt that drawing was simply rendering only.

My becoming an artist is the result of a search for answers to philosophic, practical, and theoretical questions.  This is not a linear process, if it were one it would not be credible. When questions arose in me, I was, and I still am in a constant search for answers. The starting point for this is the constant observation, discovery, and interpretation of the objective world.  Meanwhile I constantly search for a connection to the world. Who am I? What is it that is interesting to me of the world?  Where is my place in the world? How do I relate to this world emotionally?  Why do I have a different vision?  Can I provide good solutions to visual problems?  Questions abound.  Yes, an artist needs to ask this kind of questions, and needs the search for individual answers.  Being a visual artist is fundamentally a vocation, that is based on precise professional knowledge. Craftsmanship, craftsmanship, craftsmanship. It becomes art, if paired with visual language and ideas. 

Several forms of the visual arts are of interest to me. I see no boundaries among them but view them as fluid categories which can easily overlap. I need to reflect on the visual problem, that is the primary issue.

It is important to have a perspective, to understand the trends of the international contemporary art scene, to be familiar with the works of contemporary artists, to be able to position myself within the domestic and international contemporary art scene.  As Attila József says: “Weigh yourself with the universe!” This is my conviction too.  

It requires asceticism in this world to preserve my professional-artistic values.  Dilettante work floods via all sorts of platforms, conveying superficial ideas and stereotypical manifestations.  But as an artist I carry a suitcase filled with decades of experience, and the journey is not over yet, I carry on because this is my calling, yes, my life.


Laslo Koscso - subjectObject 0.0 – mixed media - 28x23x21

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