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Karin de Visser - NL

Karin de Visser – the Netherlands - Pieces of Mind 

(give me the power to speak)

It seems to be that my job in life is to find things. That’s why at one point in my life I decided to do something with this peculiar quality; I used all these findings to make Art. If you consider my art to be peculiar, keep in mind that I am inspired by nature.  I think it is marvelous, how nature organizes things, how some of her creatures  - Like the spider – build their own accommodations, making use of everything which is surrounding their environment.  Like them, I make use of everything I can find and what draws my attention of course. Just be careful you won’t be caught in my web.

Karin de Visser was born in Rotterdam. Attented the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague. Graduated Cum Laude. Had a terrible car accident 2 years later and almost lost her right arm. This stopped her career immediately. But after 17 years she started again and now she is completely satisfied with her life and happy that she can make the art that thrills her life into an adventure.


Karin de Visser - Pieces of Mind (give me the power to speak) – mixed media - 33x31x33 cm


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