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Juan Manuel Fernández Cuichán - Ecuador/Spain

Juan Manuel Cuichán - Ecuador – Spain - Sal de tu Calavera


Sal de tu calavera was made with paper cut, words from the 1945 devotional book. Also with three recycled books and with a surgeon's scalpel the tired foot was shaped. Right eye a used lamp rock crystal was placed. Left eye a man leaving the retina to the routine. Its structure (neck) braided metal threads supporting the skull and the base of the foot. Nose a dry bug. Teeth; inlaid amazonite tooth. Prayer on the way to death, that life was better. We all go the same way around the world.


Juan Manuel Cuichán was born in Quito- Ecuador in 1960 from a family of craftsman and creative artists. Since 2000 he is living and working in Pamplona in Spain. Over the years he participated within over 30 solo exhibitions and more than 100 group exhibitions in the USA, Asia and Europe. He received several national and international awards and as an artist he works within a wide range of disciplines. He is also within education, as a cultural manager and a curator of art exhibitions.


Juan Manuel Cuichán - Sal de tu Calavera – 32x23x17

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