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Harry Schumacher - NL

Harry Schumacher – the Netherlands - Logical 

The brain functions by classifying all (new) info into boxes. In the work “Logical” the cubelike structure, visualises this way of logical thinking. The brain grows out of the skull and forms a foundation to keep the skull in a dignified position. Knowledge of how the brain works makes it possible to see things in a different perspective. It adds another way of thinking which really takes us forward. Logic is just a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence.

Harry Schumacher addresses the way people treat nature: “We place ourselves above nature even though we are part of it. We see nature as a laboratory that we can experiment with any way we like!

Because of the complexity of social structures people rely more on their ratio than their feelings. A balance of the two would be more desirable. The ratio feeds on limitations and increases the distance towards nature. The installations I made are a consequence of how the human race sees nature. I create works of art intuitively by constantly being aware of the absurdity of human behavior. Recognizing the absurdity of human behavior has becomes my second nature. An alternative world of metaphors is the result.” In the drawings the collection of instruments has increased. With a self-made technique the drawings have been transferred to felt.



Harry Schumacher – the Netherlands - Logical – mixed media - 27x27x25 cm


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