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Frédérique Rennuit - Belgium

Frédérique Rennuit – Belgium - Till death do us part

Always in sober, natural tones, the works of Frédérique Rennuit describe the world from a poetic angle, never averse to a home-brewed symbolism. With the recurring motif 'deconstruction - reconstruction', she analyzes her future and past, reflecting on themes such as death, suffering and decay. The work 'Till death do us part' fits almost seamlessly with the series 'Memento', a concrete story about forced immigration, identity and transience. In this series, memories take on a tangible form, fears are exposed. Although a personal touch is the basis for these works, the universal theme of the work, irrefutably linked to humanity, and the still current migration issue, also make it very recognizable for the viewer.

Frédérique Rennuit studied graphics, ceramics and sculpture/spatial art. Photography also plays an important role in her daily life. She is currently active in crossover projects between these different disciplines. She participated in many group exhibitions at home and abroad.

Frédérique Rennuit - Till death do us part – mixed media - 23zx26x24 cm


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