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Frans de Winter - NL

Frans de Winter – the Netherlands - Cor-Ten-Skull

The skull is the housing of the perceiving, directing, controlling and information processing organ; namely the brain. This image symbolizes the ability to transfer knowledge from person to person. Two stylized skulls with the occiput placed towards each other form a Lemniscate. The symbol for infinity.

After the training at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and the Frank Mohr Institute in Groningen, Frans had a period of letting go of what had been learned. In time he gained a foothold as an independent in theater technology and was inspired by performance and dance. This created new spatial works of art from materials that he found or received such as demolition wood, jute, strip iron and other unconventional materials. They were still full-size images of people, so that the viewer identified with the images. Frans did collaborate with dance and performance artists, but realized that this was too complex a working method. For now, Frans focuses on the use of weather-resistant materials such as Cor-Ten steel, which results in sculptures in the outdoor space.


Frans de Winter - Cor-Ten-Skull – mixed media - 32,5x31x25,5 cm



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