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Evelyne Dominault - France

Evelyne Dominault – France - Tribute to Vincent van Gogh

As the start of the Get Out Of Your Skull project was born and coordinated from the Netherlands, I finally made the choice to create a tribute to my dearest, passionate, sensitive Vincent Van Gogh. In the end, we are only bones, yes, but passion, love, en gagement, hope, fraternity cross our heart during our lifetime.

My eyes are drawn to a material. I find it attractive, beautiful, its color, its fall, its own physical characteristics, I am initiating a process. I take pleasure in handling it, articulating it, transforming it, associating it, sublimating it. It can be very humble and meant for a whole other use. I'm not absolutely trying to divert objects, but the idea of ​​creating a work from "nothing" appeals to me enormously. My inspiration kicks in. I let arise pell-mell and welcome without censorship an idea that calls for another, I move forward in doing it with full hands like a craftsman. I discovered, almost surprised and with emotion, this object in the process of being born. It takes shape, becomes more complex, grows. I am open to any track, attentive to the resonance that echoes it. In parallel with the establishment of the work, I conduct a reflection on it without abandoning a largely instinctive. The chosen material, associated with other elements, is partly transformed (painting). I take my time so that what emerges seems sufficiently satisfactory to me at all levels (self-expression and aesthetic aspect). The result very often takes on a primitive identity, almost tribal art, something that comes from afar. Sticking to the collective unconscious. Since 1994 I participated within lots of national and international exhibitions either collective or personal ones and my career as an artist continues to flourish.

Evelyne Dominault - Tribute to Vincent van Gogh – mixed media - 30x21x18


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