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Emily Hastings - USA

Emily Hastings – USA - Masquerade


The first time I sat down to transform a basic blank mask into a piece of art I had no idea it would lead me down a road of self-exploration full of artistic challenges and growth. I experimented with drizzling hot glue all over the mask in different patterns then I dripped drops of multicolored inks onto the strands of glue so that it would flow all the way down the path of the glue. On subsequent masks I used papier-mâché, encaustics, and a mini blowtorch to give them different textures and create different moods. I often create a stark contrast between vibrant colors and something that is eerie and mysterious. When I started working on my piece for this show I knew I wanted the skull to be wearing a mask. I wanted the piece to be alive with color even though a skull is wearing it. So, I came up with the concept that this is death masquerading as the “life of the party,” hence the title “Masquerade.” In addition to making masks, I also do photography. My body of work includes digitally enhanced photos of my masks, two different types of abstracts, landscapes, and black and white images. One of my abstract series is called Liquid Luminescence. These are all representational photographs of something simple, like a fire pit at the beach, which I twist, bend and swirl to create an entirely new and vibrant digital reality.


Emily Hastings has been a professional artist for over ten years. She has studied drawing, acrylic and oil painting, ceramics, and photography. Her body of work consists of two main categories: hand-painted and decorated masks and photography. Included in her photography are digitally enhanced photographs of the afore mentioned masks, an abstract series called Liquid Luminescence and a landscape series called Reflections. She has had her work exhibited in numerous locations including the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art and the San Diego Art Institute. She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and she is continually inspired by music, nature and art.


Emily Hastings - Masquerade – mixed media - 33x23x19


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