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Echi Åberg - Sweden

Echi Åberg – Sweden - Eternal Beaty


Intervention with death in Covid-pandemic time is special. Death will always be a constant companion to life. My golden skull with leafs of love represent a new beginning for all living things on the one and only planet we all have to share. That is my hope for the future

My work reflects moments of meetings with the abstract and concrete present as sometimes strikes me with great power and sometimes just touch my consciousness. The tracks – maybe visable, maybe invisable! I work with acrylic, ink, spraycolour on canvas, paper, wood, metal, plastic and fabric. It is an ongoing process of impressions ending up as a painting or an object in my studio. Inspiration I get from all things around big or small, during travels, from sketches I make and photos I take. My motives will always be within abstract or abstract figurative. Always spontaneous layer upon layer,  and scratching, rubbing or other means change the surface to get what I want from the motive.

Since death is a companion to life I feel that intervention in this pandemitime is very special. I did not want to pimp her skull as a reminder of her present status so I choose  to paint her head in gold with red leaves. Gold color to represent humanity and red for love and passion, something I hope will lead us humans into the future. We need to work together on the one place we have to share, we have no planet B, at least not in present time.



Echi Åberg – Sweden - Eternal Beaty - mixed media - 33x19x20


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