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Domien van Parys - NL

Domien van Parys – the Netherlands - Memento Mori  


The artwork is a question of the slavish obedience enforced by governments during this Covid-19 pandemic. In a school-like manner, the congregation is ordered how to observe and relate to this situation. This dictation brings resistance. People can think and act for themselves, as long as they receive the correct information for this. That lack of information pinches and balances our being.
This twisting is visualized multiple times in the artwork. Hallucinantly painted figuration, delusion? The series of small transformers, our own weakened will? The voice pencil, approval of those dictations? The mouth mask, the real safety? The nodes on the ear canal? The eyes? The earrings, the willingness or desire to act anyway? The project 'Get out of your skull' completely fits in with what motivates me to make art. In my sculpture 'Memento Mori' I try to visualize the turbulence of twists and turns in the mind. 

Making art is a motivation for me. A continuous exploration of twists of thought, fragmenting conscious thinking, rearranging, in order to be able to question the duality of the sensual. From the fragile aspects of seemingly trivial incidents I come to an image that sands. It's like cleaning up the dust in myself. For my creations I use trivial means that are within everyone's reach, such as: oil paint, palette knife, pencil, drawing pen, found objects. My oeuvre consists of unique prints printed on high-quality paper, with my individual ink stamp and 3D objects that I paint with my pictograph.

For my art I have developed an own style. Free from influences from the craft, industrial, decorative, and academic world, it leads to my own undefined art forms.  Detached from the specialized definitions such as: Street art, graphic art, cartoon or comic strip, drawing, doodling, painting, etc. Pencil, charcoal, ink, paint, pigments, oil, are tools and means for my imaging. A paper carrier the perfect white canvas for the colorfast image, which is materialized as a positive in a fine art on high-quality paper and what's become the end of the creative process. Each end result is a unique graphic artwork with its own design and carries my individual ink stamp. I also make creations in my own style on three-dimensional objects.


Domien van Parys - Memento Mori – mixed media - 26x22x18 cm


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