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Diana van Hal - NL

Diana van Hal - the Netherlands - Cowry skull

For this project, I mainly used cowry shells. These shells are a recurring motif in my work. During my travels through West Africa and South America, I have seen many altars and holy places, decorated with cowries. Cowry shells represent happiness, prosperity, and protection. At home I decorated a wall with these shells. A friend told me that with exactly 100 cowry shells, one has good protection. Just 100! Then it really works, he said. Due to this insight, I counted the shells on my wall, and it turned out that I had put precisely 100 pieces on my wall! I found this peculiar. I am certainly not superstitious, but I always get a positive input from these beautiful small shells. The skull is fully covered with cowries, with some blue detail within the eye sockets. Feel the power!


A big influence on my work are my travels, especially the time I spent in West Africa and south America. I love getting to know new people, local fabrics, indigenous art, nature inspired shapes and colors. All of this can give a reason for a new work. My focus is graphic art, mostly linocuts in large format or smaller, printed on linen or paper. Human figures are often central in these prints, surrounded by ethnic inspired motifs.


Diana van Hal - Cowry skull - mixed media - 25x21x18


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