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Coco van Gent - NL

Coco van Gent – the Netherlands - There is something fishy about this skull


Although I cannot and do not want to compare myself to Edvard Munch, I recognize a lot of his life, motivation, inspiration, and darkness in myself. In my work I want to show the dark threat through image and structure and thus evoke a sometimes uncomfortable feeling. I search and reach my limits, but the work must be made in a technique that has not been explored before veneer, ink and fishleather combined in a 2D collage. First I make a fully developed 'source drawing' by size, then I divide the drawing into parts and I’ll search for the most suitable wood, process it and compose the image on a panel, using structure and color of the wood. Sometimes special ink is used to color the image. And nowadays I often use fishleather to give structure to the image.


‘Get out of your skull’ is a logical consequence of my current work in which I use wood and fish leather, both the byproduct of human eagerness, to snow the ugly face of lust for power. For this project I further shaped the skull with liquid plastic, colored with acrylic, the eyes are cast with epoxy, the skin is tanned Atlantic Wolffish skin.

Coco van Gent lives and works in Zuidoostbeemster, The Netherlands and works as an independent artist since 1990 next to a regular teaching job. She became fully dependent on art from 1994 and developed since than the current way of processing wood and veneer into art. She participated and organized a large quantity of exhibitions in the Netherlands. She organized and participated in a variety of pop-up galleries, and she is represented by Gallery Woodsymphony in Los Angeles, USA. She frequently exhibits her work together with her high-end woodworking artist partner Regoort at Gallery Regoort & van Gent.


Coco van Gent - There is something fishy about this skull - mixed media - 21x33x33


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