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Christine Verhaert - Belgium

Christine Verhaert – Belgium - Daydreamer

Stop looking at things from such a self centered point of view ! Or look at the whole picture, it is not all about you. Stop thinking/worrying too much about a particular thing or about things in general. Enough Introspection already. Daydreaming: those people often pay little attention to the world outside their head. A daydreamer is often caught up in his own thoughts, getting lost in his own inner world. It feels like to be cut off from the world, just looking into it but not interacting with it. Many people with Shyness and Social Anxiety suffer from the same dilemma. The danger of living inside your skull and how to get out… Voices in your head: that little narrator that talks to you all day long. At times that voice can be great, but it can also be Toxic. What you need to pay attention to? How influential is your inner voice to you? Writing really can be therapeutic as being creative too. Replace any bad thoughts with positive ones in your head. Do spend time with good friends or family who cheer you up. Focus on what you want in your life.

Christine Verhaert is an (Abstract) expressionist. She Simultaneously works abstract as well as figuration, mixed media (collages), surrealism and cartoonish art. Born in Antwerp (Belgium) in 1952, where she graduated at the Academy of Art. At present she lives and works in Brecht, Belgium as a self-employed artist. In 2014 after participation within several collective and solo exhibitions in Belgium, she adhered to the international artistic movement Neutral-ism founded by the Italian artist Francesco Perilli. Neutral-ism is configured and presents itself as a multiform artistic movement, innately eclectic, driven to bring together the widest range of tendencies, even those that are opposing, though not for that reason irreconcilable. In the beginning of 2018 she became member of GAP Global Art Project,  founded by Carl Heyward USA and Akiko Suzuki Japan.


Christine Verhaert - Daydreamer – mixed media - 31x31x31 cm



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