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Christine Morren - Belgium

Christine Morren – Belgium - What do you Think?

The brain is fascinating to 'think' about. It is a complex organ that controls our body. "Use common sense" is often said. But what is common sense? We all have unique brains. Everybody is different. So it can be very difficult to be on the same wavelength. Some think they know better than others. There are also a lot of people with an unhealthy mind, a sick mind. And then there is the subconscious that I find so fascinating. The function of your subconscious mind is to store data as input for future behavior and decisions. It programs you. It all inspired me to make this skull with a hopefully healthy brain.

Christine Morren was born in Leuven (Belgium) in 1966. She is self-taught. In 2002 she started painting with acrylic – a medium that suited her moderately.
Afterwards she opted for the more malleable oil technique, because of the more in-depth processing options. In this way she developed her own visual language.


Christine Morren – What do you Think? – mixed media - 29x21x17


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