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Anne Brems - Belgium

Anne Brems – Belgium - Like a Bird

The central theme of the work is inspired by the song “Bird on the wire” by Leonard Cohen. 

“Like a bird … I have tried in my way to be free”

The people on the skull dream of a future without a pandemic, being allowed to stay close to each other. They are watching the birds flying high above the problems on Earth with a greater perspective. The lines on the skull represent the universe and the dream to be free again.

In her work, the Belgian artist Anne Brems translates into images the observations, experiences and life events, both from her professional life as a psychologist and her personal life. The choice of material is free and distinct. The techniques are used pure or mixed. Through her artistic studies at the Slac in Leuven and the Académie des Beaux Arts de Namur, as well as through fascinating workshops that she has attended around the world, her work has been developing. Thinking and reflecting lead her work to commitment and relativity, and she dares to experiment. Time, wonder, nostalgia, and a touch of humour and absurdity, run like a red thread through her artwork. 


Anne Brems - Like a Bird - mixed media - 27x25x18 cm


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