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Ann Geirnaerdt - Belgium

Ann Geirnaerdt – Belgium - Unlocked

During the lockdown period last year in March 2020, I clearly felt how the creative brain functioned even stronger in a period when freedom of movement was limited. The fact that everything suddenly stopped and all obligations were cancelled, an immense time became available to dream and let thoughts and associations run free. In this work I mainly wanted to visualise how colourful the creative brain can be and how free you can think even when you are limited in your way to express yourself. Creativity is unlocked and can go in all directions. The space you get for introspection gives you also the space to create and think more then ever ‘out of the box’.  You can never stop the brain to think, to get out of the skull!

Ann Geirnaerdt – Unlocked - mixed media - 32x32x32 cm


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