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Andreja Eržen - Slovenia

Andreja Eržen - Slovenia - The Skull


My skull is about time, movement and narration. It all starts with the skull material delivery problems. Shipping delay and two lost parcels due to Covid-19 also affects that time perspective became an important part of this project. When describing my work, I do not stop solely at the fixed object. It's all about a coherent story about what kind of relationships between two opposite entities can form. It's more like a collage way of thinking when planning a work in a wider context. For the skull I used two apparently contradictory materials, organic wings and artificial electronic parts. The idea for recycled pheasant wings lies in an old Slovenian heritage figure Kurent or Korant, who is the main character at the winter carnival with feathers on his head. He represents a demon chasing winter away and dancing for the spring to come.  On the other hand the electronic parts represent eternity. The reflection in the mirror is a reversed version of ourselves and the birds represent the beginning of the narrative story.

As time is important at my work, my latest exploration includes kinetic installations with windmills as a result of fascination with  natural forces of wind. The set is designed in a free manner, not so much fixed in one conventional space. My subject matter is a mix of different styles whether it is a human figure in stylized landscape  or simply an abstract geometric form. The process, therefore, becomes a rhythmic interaction between expressive and conceptualistic; happening at a slow rhythm, between impulsive and rational work.

Andreja Eržen graduated from Painting and Art Theory at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana in 2009 under the mentorship of prof. France Novinc and Dr. Jožef Muhovič.

Her work  is a mixture of painting, drawing and installation projects beside that she is also engaged to intaglio printmaking  and computer animation.  Up till now she had many solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally. She is a member of the Union of Slovene Fine Arts Associations (ZDSLU). She lives and works in Medvode and Kranj.


Andreja Eržen - The Skull - mixed media - 27x21x17 cm


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