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Amy Oliver - UK

Amy Oliver - UK - She was Someone

She Was Someone was made in response to daily reports of violence against women and girls. The skull is covered in these news headlines from around the world; and the face is made up of two wire masks to create (a barely there) depth and profile.

I was 7 years old when my mum was first out marching to #reclaimthenight in 1977, started by the Women’s Lib Movement in Leeds in part responding to police’s instructions for women to stay out of public spaces after dark whilst Peter Sutcliffe was at large. I’m now 50 and earlier this year police knocked on doors and advised women in South London not to go out alone after the abduction and murder of Sarah Everard.

Every three days in the UK a man kills a woman. 

Every hour around the world men kill 6 women. 

The onus should not be on us.

Amy Oliver – She was Someone - mixed media - 27x21x17 cm



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