Contemporary Revolution 2.0

Contemporary Revolution 2.0 - A Reflection of Common Sense is an exhibition project focusing on the promotion of new forms of multilateral cooperation. The exhibition presents the work of an international group of artists who are all connected within different art networks and who pursue new forms of collaboration. The objective of the 10dence platform is to stimulate, organize and realize alternative, inspiring and inventive trajectories to promote and support the professional art practice. An incubator that collaborates intensively within various international networks with the aim of providing an independent platform for artists to present and exhibit their work. 10dence, in collaboration with other artist initiatives, investigates how the art sector can be cultivated through innovative network concepts and the development of alternative breeding grounds, residencies and exhibitions that combine collaboration, experimentation and the multidisciplinary practice with strategic sustainability within the individual professional practice.

Contemporary Revolution 2.0 showed a selection of contemporary artists whose work relate to the concept of diversity in all its facets and its imagery and interpretation. This exhibition is part of a broader program of exhibition projects being developed by the 10dence platform.

Participating artists (alphabetical order): Jan Barel (Netherlands) - Romeo Battisti (Italy) - Vered Gersztenkorn (Israel) - Shogo Hasegawa (Japan) - Carl Heyward (United States) - Nobuhiro Mido (Japan) - Susumu Ohira (Japan) - Colin Rhodes (United Kingdom) - Harry Schumacher (Netherlands) - Larisa Sjoerds (Netherlands) - Akiko Suzuki (Japan/United States) - Bojidar Toneff (Bulgaria) - Frans van Viegen (Netherlands) - Ron Weijers (Netherlands) - Frans de Winter (Netherlands) and Keiko Yamamoto (Japan)

The Contemporary Revolution 2.0 exhibition has been on display from July 1 till 10 2022 at the Sint-Amanduskapel (Campo Santo), Visitatiestraat in the city of Ghent in Belgium.