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Contemporary Expressions

The International Exhibition project for contemporary art ‘Contemporary Expressions’ will take place from April 03 till April 26 2020 at Galerie Arsis, Sint Annastraat 10, Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands.

Contemporary Expressions is an international exhibition project in which the stimulation of alternative cooperation processes is central. The Contemporary Expressions exhibition presents a group of artists who are all connected in different international networks and work intensively together in both their artistic processes and their professional professional practice. 
The objective of 10dence is the stimulation, introduction, organization and realization of alternative, inspiring and inventive processes to promote and support professional art practice. A breeding ground that cooperates intensively within various international networks with the aim of providing an independent platform for artists, for presenting and exhibiting their work at home and abroad. 10dence, in collaboration with artists' initiatives such as Global Art Project (GAP) and Artist Run Alliance (ARA), investigates how the creation and production of art can be cultivated by means of innovative network concepts and the development of alternative breeding grounds and residences that facilitate collaboration, experimentation and the multidisciplinary practice combines with strategic sustainability within individual professional practice.
Under the title 'Contemporary Expressions', the artist Ron Weijers has compiled this international exhibition. A presentation by an international group of artists associated with the 10dence initiative. The participating artists are all connected in an international network and they all work together intensively within both their artistic work process and their professional practice.
Participating Artists
Svetla Radulova – Bulgarije
Vered Gersztenkorn – Israël
Bojidar Toneff – Bulgarije
Michael Oberlik – Oostenrijk
Carl Heyward – Verenigde Staten
Akiko Suzuki – Japan
Ron Weijers – NL
Susumu Ohira – Japan
Larisa Sjoerds – NL
Frans van Viegen – NL
The official opening of the Contemporary Expressions exhibition will take place on April  2020 at 4 pm at Galerie Arsis, Sint Annastraat 10, Bergen op Zoom in the Netherlands.
The Contemporary Expressions exhibition is on show from April 3 till April 26 2020